The residency is open between May and October each year to artists working in the field of printmaking, illustration, drawing, painting, photography, and calligraphy. It could also be suitable for writers, designers, or researchers. 

NoPoint offers three different types of residency programs:

Open Call Residents

Artists apply for the Open Call during a short period of time, presenting a project or an idea that they would like to develop at NoPoint. The invited residents are free of costs for their residential stay but donate part of their work to the Atelier in order to support its work and maintenance.


Create It Residents

These residential programs aim to encourage experimentation, creation, exchange, and personal development on sight. They are created for people who want to come and live here for a little while, to get inspired and work on their project at NoPoint. Duration is between one week and a month. Artists would have to cover the costs for their stay. Applications are accepted throughout the whole year.


Print It Residents

Usually, very short residency programs (2 to 5-days long), created for those who already have a developed project and need equipment to print it. Such residency is also suitable for people interested in getting familiar with screen or risograph printing techniques. 


How to apply

To apply you should send us an email to that includes the following information:

- Brief description of the project that you want to develop during your residential stay

- Share why you want to visit NoPoint

- Add a small portfolio and short biography

- Mention preferable dates


The fee for Create It programs at NoPoint Atelier in 2020 is 200€ per week or 800€ per month. Accompanying visitors pay 50% of the fee. This covers full-time access to the studio and use of the equipment, support by a member of the staff, introductory tour of the studio and introduction to the printing techniques we use, accommodation in a private room in the house, Internet, free use of the common areas (bathroom, kitchen, garden). Artists are responsible for supplies and transportation, production, and food costs. 

For pricing and information on the Print It programs, please contact us. We will soon add the info to our website.

If you want to work at NoPoint but have concerns about covering your costs - get in touch! We can discuss different ways to support your project and figure out a way to make it happen. After all, we are doing this to create a place of opportunities that cherishes art and people!