NoPoint Atelier is a shared artists studio, specialized in silkscreen and risograph printing. 
In a small village at the heart of the Balcans, engulfed in greenery and silence, the Atelier is aiming to create a place where artists could escape their everyday life. But at the same time, would feel comfortable working, experimenting, and getting themselves inspired in new ways by having a fully equipped studio.
Our goal is to develop quality projects with artists from around the world and enjoy every step of the way.


used to be an old barn that we turned into a bright 32 m2 working space. 

It is now fully equipped for manual screen printing and has a two-color RZ 370 risograph, operating with teal and fluorescent orange.

Is located in the center of Bulgaria, in a high mountain village called Balanite, with a total of about 30 permanent residents. Gabrovo is the nearest town,

about 7 km away from us. There is a designated room in the house for the

artists who visit. It is suitable for one person or a couple. The kitchen and bathroom are shared.