NoPoint Atelier is an ongoing project that we have been working on since 2016. The idea is constantly evolving but the main purpose has stayed the same - to create a shared studio where artists from all around the world could work, live, learn, grow, meet, and collaborate with each other.


It is a live-in-studio located in a quiet small mountain village in the center of Bulgaria, in an almost 100-years-old house  looking towards the mountains and surrounded by forests. 

We aim to create a place where artists could escape their everyday life, but still feel comfortable and tranquil to inspire themselves in new ways, while having a fully equipped studio.


It is a working space, but also our home.


NoPoint is an artist-led studio, created by Miroslav Zhivkov. He himself is a multidisciplinary artist and has always been developing his art through experimentation put into a lot of work. This has also influenced the way we build the studio and we are keen on keeping it a place where interaction between people or disciplines, exploration, and experimentation are thriving! 


It is also a family-run residency and artists would probably meet and live with the whole family here. This is not a coincidence, but rather the origin of the idea behind this place and also one of the reasons why it is special in its own way.

The studio is in a separate building from the house. It used to be an old barn that we turned into a bright 32 m2 working space. Here is to mention that many more people got involved in this transformation by supporting us and the project in the Indiegogo campaign that we ran in 2018. A long list to name them all, but it was a strong push forward and NoPoint will always hold them dear in its history. 


It is now fully equipped for screen printing and has a one-color RZ 370 ep risograph, operating with black. The main space is on the first floor, where are the risograph, some working tables, screenprinting equipment, a scanner, a small printer, and a computer with an Internet connection. As we are a lot into experimenting, we try to keep the space dynamic, so it could serve multiple tasks according to the needs of the people using it. This also makes the studio suitable for artists working in multiple artistic fields.


Screen printing equipment includes different-sized screens and flood bars, ultra-violet lights, a washout booth, a drying rack, emulsion scoops. If you have any questions regarding the studio, the equipment, or you wonder if it would suit your needs, you can always contact us.



We have become owners of the house in 2016 after seeing it as the best place to start this project. It is located in the center of Bulgaria, in a high mountain village called Balanite, with a total of about 30 permanent residents. There are four more villages in the area, with almost the same number of people living in each of them. This makes the place quite remote and distant from the city hustle which, we believe, is one of its main advantages. 

Gabrovo is the nearest town, about 7 km away from us. From town, you can get to us by car, by bike, or by hopping on the city bus that travels a few days of the week to Balanite. Going for a walk up to the village or down to town is also enjoyable, as the road goes through the forest. 

The house was built in the typical for the region mountain style from the last century having small rooms with low attics and little windows to keep the warmth inside in wintertime, and lots of storage cellars with thick stone walls. It would not be an exaggeration to say that from the house we have the most beautiful view of the mountain in the whole village!


There is a designated room in the house for the artists who visit, provided with basic furniture. It is suitable for one person or a couple. The kitchen and bathroom are shared. Most of the time we cook and have meals together. In case you want to visit as a group of more than two or you would like to find a separate accommodation, we would surely assist you with finding such in the area.