Residency at Nopoint

In 2016, Miro (dzhingibi, an artist and founder of Nopoint) had the idea to create a “couchsurfing for artists” and he found the current home of our studio - the cute village house in the Balkan. We later learned that artist residencies are a thing, so we also found the right name to go with. 


Like (almost) everything we do, this year’s residencies are going to be an experiment. 

For starters, as there’s plenty of space and calmness, so we wondered why not adding more buzzing in that studio. It is such a different experience to be able to connect and discuss ideas with other artists while working on your project. So, for the first time this year, we decided to have people come together and not one by one. Still, there's only one room to accommodate everyone, so a shared sleeping arrangement is part of the deal. 

Also for the first time, we’re working on two types of residency programs - what we called the In-House Residencies and the Travelling Residencies.

Follow the links to learn more about them! 

InHouse residency
Travelling residency