Nopoint Atelier is organizing different programs for visual artists, including residencies, workshops, collaborative projects, and Print Your Own projects. 
Application is now open for an artist residency at Nopoint Atelier for 2024.


Residential programs are created to offer artists the space, the equipment, and the technical support from professionals who work with silkscreen and risograph printing techniques. But also the time and space to explore, research, or even rethink their direction. During the residency programs, artists are expected to develop a creative project in the studio. All rights of the artworks created stay with the artists and Nopoint is not going to claim any rights. Application is open to artists working in the fields of visual arts (illustration, photography, drawing, painting, design, etc.)

Duration of residency: 
Residency programs are for a period of 2 weeks. 

Accommodation is in a private room in the house with all basic arrangements for a comfortable stay. You can use all the shared spaces, like the kitchen, garden, and bathroom. There is a stable Internet connection in the house. Accommodation is included in the residency fee. 

What is included: 
- A 2-week stay at Nopoint Atelier - includes studio rent with access to all of the printing equipment, accommodation in a private room, and free access to the shared spaces (kitchen, bathroom, garden), and Internet access. 
- Full access to the studio and use of all equipment to work, produce and experiment with silkscreen or risograph printing 
- Main materials for silkscreen printing - silkscreen emulsion, cleaning chemicals, test paper, and paint base (we work with two-component water-based paints, that consist of base and pigments)
- A one-day workshop/training on silkscreen and risograph printing techniques with people from the Nopoint team. We will be presenting the whole printing process; helping artists understand how silkscreen and riso printing work; teaching them how to use the studio equipment; familiarizing artists with specifics about the printing techniques and the different possibilities for implementing them in your work and experimenting with them)
- All-time guidance and support from Nopoint staff during the creative process and the printing (if needed)
- Creative environment to provoke new inspirations and learn new ways of expressing your ideas through the printing techniques 
- A few bikes to explore the lovely mountain area and find for yourself all the breathtaking views
- Full support regarding the application process, the project development, materials calculation, travel plans and information, places to visit in the area, and transportation from the village to the town if you need it. 
- Assistance with information and an invitation letter for artists seeking grants to secure their funding for the residency program.

What is not included: 
- Specific materials costs for your project development are at the artists' expense. This includes paper, films, and paint pigments.
Nopoint is working with providers of professional silkscreen and risograph printing materials and paper providers. We are going to help you with finding and ordering the materials that would best fit your project.
- Food is not covered in the program and artists are responsible to supply and cook for themselves. A fully furnished shared kitchen is available for you to use whenever you need it. As there is not a shop in the village, we are going to help you with transportation to town (if you do not have a car)
- Transportation to Gabrovo is not included in the program and artists are responsible to cover for it at their own expense. If you travel by bus or train, we are going to meet you at the station in Gabrovo and give you a ride to the village where Nopoint is located. 
- Shipping your artwork after the end of the residency (if needed) is also covered by the artists.

- Artists to develop a creative project during their stay at the studio. 
- Artists to take care of the space and equipment while they reside in Nopoint. This means cleaning after yourself, leaving the common areas neat, and adapting to the specifics of the house (it is an old house and there are some things that we need to keep in mind while we live there)

Additional opportunities: 
As we are partnering with different galleries and art spaces in Bulgaria, we could assist visiting artists to find a suitable space to present their work after the end of their residency. Nopoint staff is going to help you with connections, organization, and communication with the exhibiting spaces. If you would like to exhibit your work at the end of the residency, you need to keep in mind that communication with the exhibiting spaces needs to be started well in advance, as most of them tend to plan their openings for 6-12 months ahead. All additional costs related to exhibiting space rent (if any), travelling to other towns, artwork shipments, and accommodation during the organized events are to be covered by the artists.

To apply for an artist residency at Nopoint Atelier, please send the below-listed information to our email address: [email protected] 
- A portfolio or creative biography
- A brief description of the project idea that they would like to develop at Nopoint during their stay
- A brief description of why they chose Nopoint Atelier and why they find it the place to best fit their creative process

The residency fee for a two-week period is 1100 EUR. It includes all listed above + the incomparable experience to stay and work at this amazing place in the heart of Bulgaria while having a fully equipped studio at your disposal. 
For calculating material expenses, please, contact us. We will get to know your ideas, think about your specific project, and help you choose the best way to do it. We are going to give you our opinion on how to calculate your material costs and help you order everything that you might need. 

We are looking forward to seeing your project ideas and helping you print them at Nopoint to the best way possible!