InHouse residency 2024

The InHouse Residency programs at Nopoint Atelier are created to offer artists the space, the equipment, and the technical support from professionals who work with silkscreen and risograph printing. But also the time and space to explore, research, exchange ideas, or even rethink their direction of work. During the residency programs, artists are expected to work on a creative project in the studio. 

Application is open to artists working in all fields of art. Still, coming to a printing studio might be something you want to consider for the project you want to develop at Nopoint. For artists working in illustration, photography, graphics and painting, printmaking might seem pretty straightforward. Yet artists working in the fields of graphic design, sculpture, modern art, theatre, and digital or contemporary art, are more than welcome to explore printmaking as an addition to their usual work technique. 
All rights of the artworks created during the residency stay with the artists and Nopoint is not going to claim any rights. 

Application is now closed for the 2024 season.

For the 2024 season, we have set 3 date opportunities for In-House Residencies: 
24 June - 08 July
22 July - 05 August 
19 August - 02 September 

If you have any questions about the programs we develop, get in touch with us via email at print [at] 

We encourage artists to reach out with their printing project ideas, as an interesting idea is something that we are always up to! So, do not hesitate and reach out via email or our social media accounts!