InHouse residency 2024

The InHouse Residency programs at Nopoint Atelier are created to offer artists the space, the equipment, and the technical support from professionals who work with silkscreen and risograph printing. But also the time and space to explore, research, exchange ideas, or even rethink their direction of work. During the residency programs, artists are expected to work on a creative project in the studio. 

Application is open to artists working in all fields of art. Still, coming to a printing studio might be something you want to consider for the project you want to develop at Nopoint. For artists working in illustration, photography, graphics and painting, printmaking might seem pretty straightforward. Yet artists working in the fields of graphic design, sculpture, modern art, theatre, and digital or contemporary art, are more than welcome to explore printmaking as an addition to their usual work technique. 
All rights of the artworks created during the residency stay with the artists and Nopoint is not going to claim any rights. 

You can apply through our Application form. Please, make sure that you read and get familiar with the text down bellow, as those are the Terms and Conditions that describe the In-House Residency program. 
Application is open until 30 April 2024. 

Residency programs are for 2 weeks. 
For the 2024 season, we have set 3 date opportunities for In-House Residencies: 
24 June - 08 July 
22 July - 05 August
19 August - 02 September 

  • A 2-week stay at Nopoint Atelier
  • Accommodation in a shared hostel-type room in the house with one or two other artists (up to 3 people at a time)
  • All-time access to the studio and use of all equipment to work, produce and experiment with silkscreen or risograph printing
  • All-time access and use of all the shared spaces in the house - the kitchen, the garden, a common room, and a bathroom. There is Wi-Fi in the house. 
  • Main materials for silkscreen and risograph printing. This includes silkscreen paint, paint base and emulsion, Riso inks, cleaning chemicals, and test paper. Project-specific materials are not included as they may vary greatly from project to project. We can help with providing some project-specific materials. Please check below
  • A two-day workshop/training on silkscreen and risograph printing with people from the Nopoint team. When coming to the studio, you will be presented with the whole printing process and understand how silkscreen or riso printing works. You will learn how to work with the studio equipment and get a walkthrough of the process. When you start printing, you will receive guidance and help with the process, while printing yourself. 
  • A few bikes to explore the lovely mountain area and find yourself all the breathtaking views
  • Full support regarding the application process, including scheduling, project-specific materials costs calculation, travel plans, and information.
  • Assistance with information and an invitation letter for artists seeking grants to secure their funding for the residency program.

  • Project-specific materials costs. 
This includes paper, films for screenprinting projects, masters for riso projects and any other materials that you might need. Please, keep in mind that we are located in a small village, near a small Bulgarian town, Gabrovo. This means that art materials in the area are limited to the very basics, and you might not find a big variety of anything. We advise all artists to bring their favourite or needed pens, markers, paints, etc.
Minimum two weeks prior to your arrival we will get in touch to discuss project-specific materials and help you with providing such, if needed. 
Here are the prices for some of the project-specific materials that we could provide:
RISO master -  1 euro 
A3 paper (120-200 g/m2) - between 25-50 cents 
Silkscreen film (size 50x70) - 13 euro
50x70 paper (300 g/m2) - 1-2 euros
  • Food is not covered in the program and artists are responsible to supply and cook for themselves. A fully furnished shared kitchen is available for everyone to use. We very much enjoy shared meals and we often cook and eat together. As there is not a shop in the village, we are going to help you with transportation to town fo shopping.
  • Transportation costs to Nopoint (plane/train/bus tickets, visas, etc.) and artists are responsible to cover for it. If you travel by bus or train, we are going to meet you at the station in Gabrovo and give you a ride to the village where Nopoint is located.
  • Any shipping costs of artwork, paper, or other materials, created during the residency. 
  • Artists to work on a creative project during their stay at the studio. 
  • Artists to take care of the space and equipment while they reside in Nopoint. This means cleaning after yourself, leaving the common areas neat, and adapting to the specifics of the house. It is an old house and there are some things that we need to keep in mind while we live there, but no worries, nothing too stressful!
The residency fee for two weeks of Residence is 1000 EUR. Upon acceptance, participants must deposit 50% of the Residency fee to secure their place. If residency is cancelled by the artist, the deposit will not be refunded. The full amount of the Residency fee should be paid 2 weeks before the start of the residency.

If you have any questions or if something is worrying you, please feel free to get in touch with us via email at print [at]