Travelling residency 2024

Traveling residency? 
Maybe you’re wondering what is it all about. 

Well, our idea of a traveling residency combines the two best things in the world - printing and travelling!

So, over the course of two weeks, we’re going on a 6-day road trip around our beautiful, gorgeous Bulgaria. We will visit mountains, hot springs, old villages and towns, rivers and caves. We will take you camping, hiking, and bathing in the sun and in the wild springs and rivers. We will head to some of the high-mountain lakes with crystal water, surrounded by magnificent peaks. We will go hunting for that type of sunsets that can only be seen from the top of the mountain. 

Thinking about it, we can only appreciate that our small Bulgaria has it all! The beauty, the diversity, the wildness, the freedom...

The road trip will end at Nopoint for an 8-day intense printing session and everyone will develop their silkscreen or risograph project. 

Travelling will be with our van - yes, the same old one that we did the Risonate trip with. But instead of travelling with the Riso as a companion, we’re going to take aboard 3 artists. 

When? Where? What?

Bear with us, because right now, we are finishing the planning for it and we will announce full information in the coming week or two. 

For now, only the dates are set.
Our first travelling residency is planned for 16—30 September 2024